A byte is a small amount of information, and the purpose of this site is to present a few small items of interest to those interested in technical aspects of the acoustic piano.  At the moment, only one topic is presented, but more are planned.  The Action Inertia study describes the principal contributors  to inertia in the grand piano action and also shows how inertia contributes to the force felt by the pianist when playing.

As always comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

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Here are a few links of interest:

Five Lectures on the piano
Not all of it is 100% reliable, but there's lots of  good information here nonetheless.

Interesting soundboard Insights
From the master.

The Hickman Action
An innovative action designed long ago by a brilliant man who also, curiously enough, designed the Bazooka anti-tank weapon used in WWII.

Piano Hammer Research
Some interesting work by Dr. Dan Russell.

Old Brown Glue
To order some...
Hide glue modified to have a lower gel temperature so it can be used without a glue pot.

Perfect 12th Equal Temperament
What? A different type of equal temperament?  This version uses a perfect 12th rather than a perfect octace to calculate the ratio between semitones.

A Sophisticated Action Analysis
...using sophisticated software.